Customized Binders are Powerful Marketing Tools

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Customized Binders
Many marketing strategies are now based on internet solutions. Company websites have to be well designed and optimized for search engines. Regular emails to customers or clients help strengthen their loyalty. Advertising on the net and creating web communities focused on your company's products and services are great ways to reach out to new customers and to engage current ones.
But with all the focus on web marketing and high-tech solutions, we sometimes forget that more traditional low-tech marketing can be as effective, or even more effective than virtual promotion. Tangible business tools such as binders, sales kits, and packaging, along with promotional materials like tote bags, pens, and calendars can reach customers who are less likely to participate in online communities. These actual items travel out into the world, disseminating information about your company and strengthening brand image.
An online initiative may get lost among the all the chatter on the internet, but a customized binder will sit on an office shelf, reminding customers of your company each time they see it. Other branded items such as pens and tote bags travel far and wide, sometimes reaching unexpected audiences!
Top Uses for Customized Binders
While maintaining a strong internet presence for your company, don't neglect more tangible business tools such as customized binders. A well-designed custom binder can be used for many purposes, such as:
  • Bids and Pitches. If your company is putting in a bid for a project, you'll want to ensure that your materials are as professional and impressive as possible. Working with a business solutions designer, you can create a stand out customized binder especially for the project. Today's state of the art equipment allows you to use materials such as leather, fabric, or specialized papers. You may even be able to use materials that relate to the project – gold debossing and accents for a gold mining company project, for example. By organizing information clearly, with the use of customized tabs and pockets, you ensure that your potential client has all the necessary information at his/her fingertips.
  • Catalogues. Binders have often been used as tools for sales reps and clients alike. The advantage of having a catalogue binder is that, unlike bound catalogues, pages can be removed and replaced as product lines evolve.
  • Seminars and Workshops. "Takeaway” binders are often part of presentations at trade shows or other venues. These binders act as goodwill ambassadors for your company, making their way into the offices of potential clients.
  • Training Manuals. The first aspect of your company that new hires experience is often the training manual. If it is a customized, professional document, it sets a tone for the whole organization. Again, pages can be removed and added as necessary, or manuals can be completely personalized.
  • Company Handbook. And finally, binders are a great idea for your company handbook. Every employee keeps a copy of this document on their shelf, so making it as professional looking as possible is important.
Partner with a business solutions expert to design and create customized binders and other powerful marketing tools for your company.